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Lafre is a Light Metal Carpentry, based in Vobarno (Brescia). It is specialized in sheet metal processing and in the design of all kinds of sheet metal items.

It takes care of all the processing phases: cutting, bending, welding, surface processing.

It is a young and dynamic company that pays great attention to innovation and new technologies, implementing the most modern industry 4.0 directives.

Currently the company is spread over a large production area and is divided into 4 areas:

  • administrative area
  • commercial area
  • technical / quality area
  • production area

The production area is organized to improve and speed up the work flow in the following phases: cutting, bending, welding, surface processing, assembly and logistics.

Lafre S.r.l. can make use of a wide range of automated and interconnected machines of excellent efficiency, moreover it uses only quality raw material, stored in an internal warehouse supplied with different formats and materials.

The entire production cycle is integrated and interconnected, the product is tracked and monitored at all stages of processing. This makes it possible to optimize times, reduce waste and improve the entire service, all from the standpoint of Lean Production.

In addition to the great competence and the use of advanced technologies, the added value of LAFRE and the care of the customer that is followed and assisted assiduously in every request and over time.


Our strengths:

Maximum availability in making changes to the products to meet the needs of customers;

Full collaboration in the design and construction of new prototypes;

Fast order processing;

Ongoing assistance.


Become a reliable partner of our customers supporting them in planning,

engineering and realizing products with quality and punctuality.

LAFRE, Quality and precision at your service.

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